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  • Content Checked
  • PhillySwirl 
  • SuperSeedz
  • Allergy and Asthma Network 
  • Mylan
  • Disney

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  2. Susanna Curtis CuartoFebruary 15, 2014 at 3:45 PM
    Hi! I've posted on your boards a few times, but this time I have an allergy question for you. My two year old has a very similar allergy list to yours, so I wondered if he's ever had a reaction to the palmolive orangish/peachish colored dish soap. Tieg had a horrible reaction yesterday at daycare after playing in water and dish soap. It's the worst he's had to anything that wasn't food and the worst to anything in months, period. The bottle doesn't list any ingredients and he's actually played in it before without incident. I just thought I'd ask to see if you knew anything about what's in that bottle or even just to find out if your guy has experienced anything similar. Thanks!

    1. Hi Susanna! I recognized your name immediately. Thanks for writing in. Both of my boys react to the orange Anti-bacterial Dial hand soap. I'm not sure what is in it and how it differs from the palmolive soap though. :( It makes it difficult when no ingredients are listed. I would ask the daycare what he was playing with it in. Was it the bucket used for washing dishes? Could there have been food residue on the bucket? Maybe he was using cups and spoons in the water that had residue on it? These are just a few things I would consider and would ask the daycare. Please keep my posted on what you find. Take care!

    2. They said it was very weird because they had been careful to make him his own bowl and keep his stuff separate. It's got to be something in that darn soap. I actually set up an appointment with a pediatric dermatologist that we'll have in a few weeks. I know they don't always get on board with allergies causing skin problems, but this poor kid always looks so bad that strangers feel comfortable asking what's wrong with him. I am hoping that she can give us some sort of prescription cream that can make him feel better. He just tears at his skin all the time! So, there's that and I am sure that we don't know all of his allergies yet. I wish we could figure it out.

    3. Is it just the recent exposure that caused his skin to break out? or is it like that frequently? My son used to be covered in eczema and it wasn't until we figured out which foods were the trigger did his skin completely clear up. His trigger was soy and dogs but it can be anything. Do you keep a food journal?


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